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UI/UX Design

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Humanising technology through user-centered design


Fortuity offers the following UI/UX services: user research, analytics monitoring, usability auditing, usability testing, prototyping, workshops, A/B testing, product development & UI design.


Our methodology can be summarised as a design process of 6 steps.

The first step is to Empathize with users. The goal of this step is to understand what it’s like to be in the user’s shoes. Tools to achieve this include user research, user personas, interviews and focus groups.

Step 2 is to Define the users’ problems. The goal of this step is to translate the findings from step 1 into clearly defined problem statements.

Step 3 is to Ideate solutions to the defined problems. The goal of this step is to generate a feasible solution or solutions to the defined user problems. Tools to achieve this include brainstorming, sitemaps, user flow diagrams and wireframes.

Step 4 is to generate Prototypes of the proposed solution(s). The goal of this step is to have a prototype that captures the look, feel and functionality of the proposed solution(s) that can be used for testing. Tools to achieve this include Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision and more.

Step 5 is to Test the generated prototype. The goal of this step is validate the prototype’s design and the viability of the solution(s). Tools to achieve this include usability testing, usability auditing and A/B testing.

Step 6 is to Implement successful solutions. In addition to implementation, the findings from the testing stage - whether they are undiscovered user needs or usability problems - are the catalyst to restarting and maintaining the design process in a continuous cycle throughout product development.

Case Studies

A hand holding a smartphone that has the Aree app on the screen


Using AI to combat unemployment

The goal of the project was to identify user experience issues through a dual approach of monitoring user statistics and conducting user interviews.

The findings were translated into user interface designs and usability tests were conducted with users. Finally the successful designs were developed and released to app users.

Aree was a recruitment platform developed by a Sydney technology startup seeking to provide an alternative to existing job-finding resources, reduce unemployment and improve job satisfaction. Its innovation was in leveraging not only users’ experience and education but their values as a criteria for matching people with compatible employers.

The work was conducted over a 6 month period from January to June 2017. The outcomes achieved include the development of several critical interface components as well as a significant increase in the number of new users completing their account setup which was the critical first step in engaging with the recruitment platform.

A hand holding a smartphone that has the Ourloop app on the screen


Assisting schizophrenia patients

The goal of the project was to audit the app’s existing user interface through usability testing.

The method of research was to setup and conduct user tests wherein a user would take the role of a schizophrenia patient or a medical practitioner and attempt to use OurLoop to complete a set of predefined tasks.

The findings were translated into a comprehensive usability feedback report that included notes on the test participants’ performance, the app’s positive and negative user experience points and a recommended schedule of changes to rectify discovered problems. The work was conducted over a 2 week period in September 2017.

OurLoop is an app being developed by Monsenso for members of society diagnosed with schizophrenia to assist them in managing their disease through daily tracking of symptoms and habits. The outcomes achieved were the diagnosis of several critical usability issues and the development of new features that addressed them which are still currently being developed and released.

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