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Photography & Film

Portrait of a girl reaching for a tree branch above her

Unique conceptual works, commercial, and event photography and film

A green door set in a red wall
An underground walkway in London
An interior of a cathedral
The sydney opera house
The interior of WeWork Pyrmont, a co-working space in Sydney
Three members of Hummingbird Insight Market Research having a meeting
An installation at the Venice Biennale 2016
An installation at the Venice Biennale 2016
Looking through an artwork made of wire at Hyde Park, London
Multiple circles of light formed by people waving lights
Seafood Paella
Restaurant shopfront in Venice alongside a canal
A cheese and meat platter
Morning light passing through a snow covered Tree in Vancouver
Stanley Park, Vancouver covered in snow
A lake frozen over in Vancouver
A woman pictured from behind walking along the shore at sunset
A man sitting amidst a field of tall waving grass
An alleyway at night outside the Melbourne Jazz Club
A man standing atop of an outcrop of rocks
A museum exhibit of ancient ceramic pots
A wooden christmas tree made by sydney business One Two Tree
A wooden christmas tree with gifts at its base

Fortuity's portfolio includes photography and videography for organisations including TEDx, the American Cancer Society, the UC Davis Global Ambassadors Program and more.

We provide art direction services as well as produce conceptual photography, short films, documentaries, and commercial or branding videos for corporate promotions.

Items produced
  • Art direction

  • Event / conceptual / branding photography

  • Branding / commercial videos

  • Short film / documentary videos

Fortuity Creative's logo: the word fortuity written in a serif typeface

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